教會報告 – Information

  • The church has set 12:00 pm. on 19th January (Saturday) as the inauguration and acknowledgment ceremony for Pastor Peter Chan and Pastor Kwok-Leung Yeung, respectively. For Pastor Yeung and his wife, we would like to express our gratitude for their shepherding in the last few years. Pastors and representatives from other NCCC churches will also be invited to attend the event. A dinner party will be arranged after the inauguration ceremony; brothers and sisters who are planning to join please sign up with Kam Chi Wong.Inauguration2019
  • NCCC would run a “Logo Design Compaign” : The participating brothers / sisters have to submit their designs to Wannan Tang (the Secretary of NCCC, on or before 15 Jan, 2019. The expected elements to be included in the logo are Cross/Christ, Bible, Unity/Family, Testimony, Map of Nordic. Wannan would blocked the name of each design and submit them to the jury. The result would be known on 1 March, and the design would be used by NCCC on 1 April onward.







LunarNewYear2019Please support the missions to Copenhagen in Denmark, both in prayers and offering to the following account:

  • Account Name and Address: Scandinavian Chinese Christian Church i Malmö, Pingstkyrkan Europaporten, Stadiongatan 25, 217 62 Malmö, Sweden.
  • Local Transfer Account Number: 9960 3406 424 139, BG 870-8778, PG 642413-9.
  • Overseas Transfer: IBAN SE359500009960 3406 424 139. BIC  NDEASESS.

Please write “Denmark Ministry” on the remarks or put the cash into an envelope and write “Denmark Ministry” on the cover, then put it to the church’s offering bag. For details of the ministry, please contact the representative of the committee or the pastor.

2019-2020 Deacon Board
Chair: Samuel Chen

Vice Chair: Kam Chi Wong

Secretary: Junling Qian

Finance: Kit Ngar Lam

General affairs: Jimmy Chang