Prayer List

Verse of the Month:

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. (John 14:6)

每月金句 (七月份)

July 2022:

1. Thank you for the past six months. Even though we go through various challenges, the grace of the Lord is still abundant, never betrayed, endured, tolerant, guarded and guided – we should be grateful for all these graces. At the same time, ask the Lord to guide us and look to the Lord at all times, so that we will not be dragged down by challenges and difficulties, but rely on the Lord by faith, overcome evil with good, and strive to witness the goodness of the Lord and the saving power of the gospel.

2. Pray for the evangelical work in Europe, and ask the Lord to let all the saints in Europe take the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus seriously and learn to accept and serve with concrete actions. Ask the Lord to give European governments, aid agencies and churches in Europe the wisdom to organize and respond to immigrants and refugees who are in need. Ask the Lord to allow them to meet Him so that their lives will never be the same again.

3. Pray for the development of the church’s ministry in the second half of the year, and ask the Lord to give all necessary spiritual gifts. Let all deacons and servants be considerate of the reminders of the Holy Spirit, and be willing to be shaped and refined in the process of serving, so that the work carried out by the church can have the likeness of Christ and lead people to the true God.

4. Ask the Lord to protect the brothers and sisters in the church to truly love each other, to be the flawless children of God in this generation, to be faithful disciples of Jesus Christ, and to be able to accept the opportunities given by the Lord by faith, and to rise up and shine for the Lord.

5. Pray for all the participants of the summer camp. May the Holy Spirit of Truth work freely and let everyone have a good study in the camp. At the same time, ask the Lord to protect and strengthen the speakers and those in charge of each activity, and grant them strength and wisdom, so that the participants can be blessed.

6. We are grateful that the “Annual Bible Reading Plan” and “Memorizing the Golden Verse Plan” implemented by the church have completed half of the plan. We pray that the Lord will give us the strength to make brothers and sisters willing to continue to actively participate to make this as a habit so that spiritual nutrients are added daily.