Prayer request

June 2019:

  1. Pray for the world. There are many news about religious hates in recent days, which lead to increasing violence. We ask our Lord to protect his people on one hand; and on the other hand, also strengthen His church so that we’ll be continuing witness the love and truth of Christ.
  2. Pray for China. On one hand, the Chinese people’s mind can only be truly satisfied by the eternal life; on the other hand, Chinese believers often struggle between the dilemmas. Pray for the Lord to strengthen the believers, to have strong faith, live with vitality, and show beautiful testimony.
  3. Pray for various fellowships of the church. The Greek word for “fellowship” is “koinonia”, which refers to the spiritual union of believers. We ask the Lord to help the brothers and sisters to establish a spiritual connection in Christ. At the same time, pray for the working believers, let us learn to bear the commands of the Lord Jesus, even in the face of various challenges and confusions, can still experience the renewal of life brought by spiritual fellowship.
  4. Pray for all families of the church; ask the Lord to enable the brothers and sisters to establish a Christianized family. Especially pray for families with children, so that parents can work hard to imitate Christ in their daily lives, draw strength and wisdom from the Lord Jesus to teach their children, lead them to choose the righteous path.
  5. Pray for musical worship on 30 June (Sunday). The theme of the day is “Our Faith (Fellowship) Life”. We will see the acts of our Lord through musical instruments, poetry, and different living witness sharing of our brothers and sisters.
  6. Pray for the Helsinki Church in Finland, ask God to attract brothers and sisters to be willing to admire the words of the Lord and obey the teachings of the Lord. Ask God to give them wisdom to prepare the summer camp in Finland, held on 9-11 August 9-11, to make this camp as a blessing to the participants.
  7. Pray for the preparations for the Summer Camp. Ask the Lord to act through the concerted efforts of the brothers and sisters in the Summer Camp Organizing Committee. Let all their preparations beautifully organized so that more meaningful activities will be arranged.
  8. Thanksgiving to the gathering in the church on 11 May, “Meet the Lord”, that it led brothers and sisters enjoyed a moment of being alone. On that day, the church used some meditation materials, poems, essays, and even flowers in the garden as the medium to let the brothers and sisters have a sweet gathering with the Lord.