Prayer request

January 2020:

1. First of all, we are grateful for 2019. During that year, no matter individuals, families, or churches, we all experienced the profound gratitude of our Heavenly Father, his patience and forgiveness. We ask the Lord Jesus to give His never ceasing love and support as well as the Holy Spirit to give us hope, protection and guidance. For all these things we give thanks!

2. Pray for the Middle East. Israelis need to know that Jesus of Nazareth is the promised Christ of Jehovah; Muslims need to know that Jesus Christ is the true God, the source of true love and truth, and the only Saviour who can truly resolve grievances. Pray for the Christians who work among Israelis and Muslims so that they can preserve the wisdom, patience, and love from God.

3. Pray for the church when we establish the theme of “Living in Christ” throughout the new year. May the Lord’s Holy Spirit be free to run and work among us so that we have sincere worship, willing to be broken, pruned and established by the Lord, and full of strength to run the way towards Heaven, truly become the Lord’s disciple.

4. Pray for the deacons and various servants in different positions. Ask the Lord for vision, talents, and concentricity as well as together with the shepherd to receive the mind and commands of the Lord Jesus Christ. Rely on the gifts and power of the Holy Spirit, shoulder to shoulder, we shall complete the Lord’s mission.

5. Prayers to the church’s children ministry. The church is now looking for more helpers whom the Lord will add to us so that the church can carry out the children’s ministry smoothly. Under the careful guidance of the teachers, let the children learn more about God’s Word and become small believers in Jesus Christ.

6. Our prayers for the sick brothers and sisters as well as their families who take care of them. Ask the Lord’s comfort and protection to help them to find a way out in times of difficulty.

7. Thanksgiving that the “Annual Bible Study Plan” promoted by the Church has completed the New Testament. This year, the church will launch the “Old Testament” reading plan. May the Lord increase our strengths so that brothers and sisters are willing to continue to actively participate in the Bible reading plan and develop the habit of meeting the Lord.

8. We are grateful that the church has successfully completed various Christmas activties, including the evangelical and musical worships in December. In addition to our own enthusiastic attendance, many new friends attended the activties. May the Lord continue to open the door for us so that brothers and sisters are willing to actively share the gospel. May the seeds sown by the Holy Spirit of the Lord bloom and bear fruit!