Prayer request

September 2019:

  1. We first concentricly confess that Jesus Christ is the Lord of the whole earth. All authority in heaven and on earth is in His hands. God’s wisdom is far beyond the world; His path is not our way. We should be humble, self-clean with a prudent heart in order to come to God.
  2. Pray for all Hong Kong people and ask the Lord to stop the work of Satan, lest the people fall into its darkness, evil of violence, hatred, revenge, depression and despair. At the same time, we should pray for those who are in power; the authority of the officials should not induce the fear of those who do good, but the evil doers. Wish they know that the vocation they have been endowed is to seek and safeguard the well-being and peace of the general public.
  3. Pray for the church’s Sunday school children ministry. Ask the Holy Spirit of the truth, through the teachings of various teachers, to let the children to be enlightened by the truth from the Bible when they are still young.
  4. Pray for the church’s forthcoming “Missionary Praying Group”. Ask the Lord to raise more brothers and sisters who care about missionary work. Through prayers and studies, increase awareness of missions, actively practice the Great Commission, and care for the needs of the global missions.
  5. Pray for the Mid-Autumn Festival party held on Saturday, 14th September . In addition to celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival with brothers and sisters together, we hope that we can invite our relatives and friends for them to share our joy, so as to open the door of the gospel to them.
  6. Pray for the musical worship held on 29th September (Sunday service). The theme of the day is, “Look! The Lord who endows resurrection”. We will meditate on this theme, our resurrected Lord, through musical instruments, poems, and short plays, so as to prepare ourselves to welcome His glorious return.
  7. Pray for Brother Enoch of the Oslo church, who has begun to serve in the church full-time, responsible for leading the youth fellowship (12-18 years old) on Saturdays. He needs to prepare for Bible study, sermons, and short-term projects. May our Lord endow energy and power to him, let him have the joyful and service heart.
  8. We are grateful to God who has listened to our prayers so that the treatment of Brother Samuel in the Stockholm church has made some good progress and his family has experienced the care and comfort from the Lord. Samuel had the opportunity to go home for a short break. Please continue to pray for his treatment. May our Lord’s grace and protection be given onto him!