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Peace be with you, dear brothers and sisters!

No one can imagine that 2022 has been continuously spent in the pandemic. When we look back on the past year, think about those moments you have lived, whether you have experienced the presence of God, the love of Jesus Christ and the power given by the Holy Spirit. Perhaps at this very moment, all parts of the world need to experience His presence, love and power; because whether it is politics, economics, etc., it may be in a state of heavy stalemate and there seems to be no way out. The slogan “live in the moment” may have become the motto of the world. How can people respond to this rapidly changing era? How can we maintain an orderly pace of life? Some people may add various interests to life by cultivating artistic interests, regularly chat with friends, or deliberately slow down for a while, etc.; but as a spiritual group on earth, we can return to the Lord to wait quietly before Him through quiet reading of the Holy Word, aligning life goals and expectations as our tools. Therefore, starting from this year, the church has set a new theme: “Spiritual Renewal, Spreading the Gospel” to practice a life of both faith and action, to show people a true pious life, and to testify for the Lord Jesus. At the same time, we use this to encourage brothers and sisters to guard against secularization, to move beyond the elementary teachings about Christ and be taken forward to maturity (Hebrews 6:1); and to testify to the Lord in life, and spread the good news that the Lord Jesus is the only Savior! Dear seeking friends, we would like to share some of them with you. You are welcome to contact us!

Nordic Chinese Christian Church Gothenburg Gospel Church
January 1, 2023

The theme of the church (English) : Spiritual Renewal, Spreading the Gospel

Sunday Service for children every Sunday (start again from 31/10-2021)
10:00 a.m. on even numbered weeks
2:00 p.m. on odd numbered weeks

For information about the number of current week, please check http://www.vecka.nu.

Prayer meeting on a monthly basis and the time, date and venue will be announced in advance.

For more infiormation about the Nordic Chinese Christian Church, please check www.nccc.se.