Prayer request

March 2020:

1. The words of Jesus Christ: “In this world you have suffering. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 16:33) The evil one tries to discourage us, lose faith, restrict our expression of faith and deprive us of evangelism, but we ask the Lord to strengthen our faith, give us wisdom and courage, and persist in living and preaching the gospel.

2. In addition to praying for the spread of the global epidemic, we also pray for the churches in the country. They have been facing the pressure of the new religious policy. Now, to a great extent, they have to stop meeting because of the epidemic. Pray that the Holy Spirit of the Lord will comfort and support all believers in our hearts, keeping fellow pastors and herders working together, still be fiery in heart and adhere to the mission.

3. Pray for brothers and sisters who need to be in their quarantine, who are worrying in their hearts, and under psychological pressure because of the epidemic. Ask the Lord to comfort and give true heavenly peace.

4. Pray for the young generation of the church, ask the Lord to guide them, give them wisdom and strength, and understand how to live out faith under the pressure of real life. Also let them experience the way out and victory by faith, and ask the Lord to protect them, let them receive visions and minds from the Lord.

5. Pray for the “Elpida” Fellowship (the next generation of ministry) and our brothers and sisters in the ministry. Pray to the Lord to give us strength and teach us how to stand up, add knowledge and wisdom; through the Holy Spirit to shape the life of the youths so they can become the soldiers of Jesus Christ.

6. Pray for your sick brothers and sisters, and their families who take care of them. Ask the Lord to be comfort and protect them, to help them in finding a way out in times of difficulty.

7. Pray for the Nordic Alliance Ministry and the camps and meetings to be held in this church. Pray that the shepherds and co-workers will have the spiritual wisdom and God-conscious decisions.

8. Thanksgiving that the church’s plan to hold a whole church camp from 30th April to 2nd May. It is also grateful that the preparatory group is in full swing, asking the Lord to lead it, and praying that the epidemic will not cause any influence to this camp.