Prayer List

Verses of first quarter (Jan – Mar):

“I lift up my eyes to the mountains – where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 121:1-2)

March 2024:

1. The LORD is a God who works wonders alone, whose will is carried out without hindrance, who rules over all things, who cares for all his people, who treats the world with love, who cares for the world he created, whose salvation extends to all things, and whose new heavens and a new earth are sure to come. We praise the Lord for all these things!

2. Pray for Sweden. Pray for the city of Gothenburg, asking the Lord to be gracious and merciful; even though it seems to be a peaceful and stable place, it still needs to humble itself and rely on the Lord. May the community of believers and the church in Sweden truly receive the Lord’s love and treat each other with kindness and holiness.

3. Pray for the appointment of pastors for the church. Pray that Jesus Himself will open the way to send pastors who are in the Lord’s heart to take over the mission of leading the church; and pray that the Lord Himself will prepare short-term pastors to shepherd the flock, so that brothers and sisters can be spiritually fed and satisfied.

4. Pray for the future direction of the church. Pray for the Lord to give brothers and sisters a united vision and understanding, so that the board of deacons can implement concrete plans to lead the church to move forward.

5. Pray for the church as a whole. Satan is always trying to attack and destroy the development of church ministries; pray that the Lord will encourage brothers and sisters to be self-aware, to act firmly in love in the church, and to learn to watch out for each other and pray for each other; pray that brothers and sisters will walk in accordance with their Lord-ordained roles.

6. Pray for the “Year-round Devotions”, “Bible Reading” and “Quarterly Memorisation of the Golden Verses” programmes implemented by the church. Pray for the Lord’s guidance, so that through the various channels mentioned above, brothers and sisters can establish an intimate relationship with the Lord, truly know Jesus Christ and experience His presence through the Holy Spirit.