Prayer List

Verse of the Month:

But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like  eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. (Isaiah 40:31)


February 2023:

1. Praise the Lord first for His goodness and remember his faithfulness; His unchanging love; the blessings He bestowed; His just judgment; His mighty control as well as His final salvation, all of which we will offer praise!

2. Pray for the world. The development of the situation in 2023 may be more turbulent than in 2022; because the ruler of heaven and earth will shake everything that can be shaken, including the state power, political and economic systems, as well as the church and hearts of people. May more people call on the Lord Jesus and receive salvation because of this.

3. Pray that Jesus Christ will continue to lead the church to face the future, and ask the Holy Spirit to give spiritual fire to revive the church. May the Lord grant vision, wisdom, and power to pastors, deacons, leaders, and all those who serve. May the Lord Jesus help all brothers and sisters to love each other earnestly, cherish the opportunity to get together; strengthen the weak, restore the fallen, encourage the discouraged, and be willing to walk side by side with everyone; to testify to the world as a group belonging to the kingdom of heaven.

4. Pray for the children’s Sunday school ministry of the church. Ask for the Holy Spirit of the truth through the teaching of different teachers, so that children can be deeply inspired by the truth of the Bible when they are young.

5. To commemorate every couple in the church, enjoy the marriage matched by the Lord, and bear a good testimony in this generation that impacts the concept and system of marriage. For those who are experiencing difficulties, ask the Lord to increase their mutual trust and love, and insist on accepting, loving, caring, supporting and encouraging each other with the sacrifice and dedication of the Lord Jesus.

6. Please remember the need of the Copenhagen Fellowship. Starting from 2023, they will increase the number of worship services to twice a month on Sundays. Please ask the Lord to prepare the venue and manpower for the service, and also ask the Lord to give appropriate information to meet the needs of the pulpit service.