Prayer request

Pray for Sister Yanan who is suffering from gallstones and is now going to China for medical treatment. May our Lord protect her and make her recover soon.

July 2019:

  1. One half of this year has passed. It is time to count the grace that the Lord has given to us, to our families, to the church, and to different corners of the world. After that, by faith, we shall pray and ask Lord’s grace for a specific person, or a place, or an ethnic group.
  2. Pray for Israel. Recently, Israeli-Palestinian relations are tense; the pace of the Lord’s return is getting closer. Ask the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to work among us. And ask the Lord to raise up believers, inspire us to work hard to pray and testify the gospel so that more people may know Jesus Christ is the true Messiah, our savior, no matter Jews or Palestinians/Arabs.
  3. Pray for the final preparations of the Summer Camp. Through the hard work of the preparatory committee of the camp, we pray the Lord to bless all of the preparation works so that they can be run smoothly. At the same time, ask the Lord to give talents and abilities to all the co-workers responsible for different positions so that they can handle every issue and make all arrangements wisely.
  4. Pray for the participants of the Summer Camp. May the Holy Spirit of Truth run freely and let everyone have some good learning in the camp. At the same time, ask the Lord to protect, strengthen the preachers and the responsible persons of various events, and give them strength and wisdom to enable the participants (especially the families) to receive blessings.
  5. Pray for the church’s ministry in the second half of the year, and ask the Lord to give all kinds of spiritual gifts; let the deacons and servicers be able to appreciate the reminder of the Holy Spirit, and be willing to be shaped and refined during the process of the ministry. Let the ministry of the church be able to be like Christ and lead the people to the true God.
  6. Pray for the plan of the NCCC’s Mission Committee in establishing the Copenhagen mission in Denmark. Ask the Father to lead and work on his own, so that the local Chinese can hear the gospel and the church of Christ can be established.
  7. Thanksgiving that the Church has successfully held the Mission Sunday Service and the Music and Sharing Worship on 2rd and 30th June, respectively. Through the pastors’ messages, brothers and sisters witness sharings, various poems and performances, let us continue to learn to become a community of worship as well as a church which is willing to respond to the “Great Mission”.
  8. The “Full-year Bible Reading Plan” has been accomplished halfway. May the Lord empower brothers and sisters to continue to participate actively – by reading a short passage every day, they can develop the habit of bible reading and gain spiritual nutrients daily.