Prayer request

May 2019:

  1. Pray for the church. May the Lord’s Holy Spirit run freely, so that we have sincere worship, willing to be broken and pruned by the Lord, and full of power to run the pilgrim’s road, practicing truly discipleship.
  2. Pray for the church family. Satan is committed to strike and destroy God’s family. Pray for the Lord to inspire us to act with love in our home – only blessings, no cursing, look after each other, and the members of the family act in accordance with their roles destined by God.
  3. Pray for the church’s restaurants ministry. Ask the Lord to give us power and wisdom; let us reach different restaurants, know the bosses and their employees, care about their physical and mental health. Let the gospel shines before them and reveals that the name of the Lord is exalted with glory.
  4. Pray for the venue of the church. There are many new faces appear recently, many of them are children and youngsters. Ask the Lord to endow wisdom to the church to make arrangements for the brothers and sisters in charge of the ministry to learn from each other and coordinate with each other so that the venue can be used more effectively, as a place for our Lord to shape the children and young people.
  5. Pray for the brothers and sisters who are sick, hope that the Lord’s healing power will come to them. Pray for those who take care of the elderly and their sick family members; ask the Lord to comfort and conserve, give them help and prepare them a way out in times of difficulty.
  6. Pray for the preparations for the Summer camp. Ask the Lord to use every co-worker in the Preparatory Committee to continue to work together even when facing challenges. At the same time, we also pray for the economic situation of the camp. We ask the Lord to open the storage in heaven to dump the things we need, and to teach us the lessons to trust Him.
  7. We are grateful for the “Next Generation Ministry” that they can send representatives to attend the Deacons’ Meeting of this month to share the activities that have been promoted in the past season as well as to inform their plan for the next six months. Ask the Lord to look after them so that we can experience the teaching of “the church as a single family”.
  8. Thanks to the two camps held in Easter (“The Nordic Scholars’ Easter ” and “Next Generation Easter Camp” that both were successfully completed. There were many Christ-seeking friends participated in the camps. There are also friends who have opened their hearts and accepted Jesus Christ as the Savior of their lives. We are delighted by this and hope that the seeds that are planted today will continue to sprout.