Prayer request

Dear brothers and sisters, peace be with you! Following are the contents of the prayer meeting next Wednesday (6 Mar 19) and for the entire March! Everyone is encouraged to attend the prayer meeting and learn to pray. Also remember that we are reading the Book of Romans together in March.

  1. Around forty days later we’ll commemorate the day when the Lord Jesus died and resurrected. March 6 is also the day of “Fasting Lent” according to the church’s tradition. We ask the Lord to lead us to look up to Him so that we will not be tempted and distressed but rely on Him by faith and to overcome evil by goodness.
  2. Pray for the whole church. Satan is committed to combat and destroy the ministry of the church. We ask the Lord to inspire all brothers and sisters, keep them awake, and act resolutely in love in the church. They know that there are only blessings, no curses, learning to watch and intervene with each other, and praying for the brothers and sisters to do what God has ordered.
  3. Pray for the church’s various fellowships and groups. On the one hand, ask the Lord to make the members of the body know the truth of God within the fellowship. On the other hand, also bless them in the fellowship to be united, to experience that all things work together for good to them who are called according to his purpose.
  4. Pray for the “International Student Caring Group” that the church has just established. Ask the Lord to protect and preserve it as it is now started only at the stage of exploration. Ask the Lord to bestow us wisdom, ability, and opportunities to reach more scholars to share the gospel with them so that eventually they would become the beloved children of God.
  5. Pray for the theme of the church and the whole year bible reading plan. Ask the Lord to give power so that brothers and sisters are willing to participate actively. Every day, we will experience the presence of the Lord, and we will be passionate in our hearts and obey the Lord.
  6. The theme of this year’s summer camp is, “Together we are building a lovely home “. We pray for the co-workers in various departments; pray that our Lord will prepare the right co-workers to participate. Also, pray for the core workers of the organizing committee, and ask the Lord to bless their family, work and church service so they may experience His power through their services and able to face various kinds of challenges.
  7. Pray for the Stavanger Church when they are preparing the Easter Family Camp which is going to take place 18-21 April. May our Lord touch the participants and those who are servicing so they will have some wonderful Pastor Yeung and his wife will be invited to follow the Stockholm Church to Israel to participate in the Holy Land study tourist group. Please pray for their journey.
  8. We are grateful to the grace of our God that there have been many new faces recently. We ask the Lord to make brothers and sisters understand that the Lord’s highest command is to complete the Great Commission. Let us be like the ambassador of the Lord Jesus and be willing to share the gospel with the community and neighbors.