Prayer request

Please pray for the following (January):

  1. Pray for 2019, ask the Lord to lead us to look up to the Lord at all times, so that we will not be dragged down by challenges and predicaments, but rely on faith to the Lord; to overcome the evil; to testify the goodness of the Lord as well as the power of the Gospel.
  2. Pray for the Gothenburg Church and ask the Lord to keep the brothers and sisters in the church to truly love each other. To act as God’s prudent children, faithful disciples of Jesus Christ of the generation, so that we can take on the opportunity given by the Lord through faith and shine His light.
  3. Pray for the church pastors and ask the Lord to keep the shepherd’s body and mind with great peace. He is always enlightened in the truth, acting intelligently, receiving the Lord’s love, loving others as oneself, full of the gift and power of the Holy Spirit.
  4. Pray for the new deacons and all kinds of ministry. Ask the Lord to give visions, gifts, and concentricity, and receive the heart and command of the Lord Jesus Christ with the shepherd, relying on the gift of the Holy Spirit. Together we shall stand shoulder to shoulder in order to complete the great mission.
  5. Pray for the church’s annual bible reading plan, and ask the Lord to give power to let the brothers and sisters be willing to participate actively. Through reading a small passage every day, develop this as a habit and add nutrients to their soul.
  6. Pray for the sick members, ask the Lord to heal them, comfort them, strengthen their faith, and ask God to reduce their suffering so that they will not be disappointed and will overcome their suffering. We also pray for their family members who take care of them and ask the Lord to give these care-takers power and patience.
  7. Thanks to the successful completion of the Christmas worship on 16th December, thanks to the Lord’s blessing and used this event for fulfilling His own purpose. In addition to the worship and songs offered by our brothers and sisters in celebrating the birth of the new king, many relatives and friends also came and celebrated Christmas with us. At the same time, we also attracted several new friends who came to the church for the first time. We wish the seeds planted by the Holy Spirit will bloom.
  8. Pray for the “Inauguration Ceremony” on 19th January (Saturday). There will be many Nordic pastors and church representatives attending. Ask the Lord to bless the preparation process, so that the brothers and sisters will count the Lord’s work together on that day, and let all the glory be given to our father in heaven.